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children, through tv interviews, through selling her photos. she's working on a reality show. she's just keeping the interest. >> in the interview she said, "i think it was a mistake in the terms of the well being of the octuplets and my other kids. i can't give myself to all of them 100%. i wish i could." is there any way at this point for nadya to fix the mistake? >> you can't stuff kids back. >> what can she do to make the situation better for all the kids? >> in my opinion, the number one thing that she needs to do at this point is get real mental health care for herself. this is a woman who keeps making decisions not thinking about the consequences of what will happen as a result of those decisions. each next step that she is making, a reality tv show, i'm going to sell these pictures to the press, now i'm in a fish bowl, i can't get out. each decision starting with implanting these embryos, starting with the person who donated sperm and now apparently she doesn't want to tell the kids who that is because he didn't agree to be the dad but the kids of course want to know. each of the
televisions or the older tvs, the big crts with flat panels, this is a huge issue. i loive in chicago. since october four children have died due to television sets falling on them. the computer products safety commission said since 2000, 2010, 169 deaths of kids under the age of 8. 22,000 injured. >> right. >> this is a serious thing. this is a flat screen l.e.d. television set. probably weighs in the neighborhood of 40 to 60 pounds. >> right. >> this can tip over. >> easily. >> this is a strap in the back. this strap by sanus out of minnesota. it's a $20 item. it fits into the screws that you would normally mount the tv to the wall. we'll talk about it in a second. >> it's easy. just a bracket on the wall. >> screws to the back of the furniture and then screws to the wall. >> you can tilt and turn and do what you want to do with it. >> you have to do this. the safest way is to mount it on a wall. this is a wall mount system. there are tilts. they have articulating ones. we have flat screens with similar set-ups to this. >> very sturdy. >> we're not talking a huge investment. the strap is $2
viral, a picture and a quote of former children's tv host mr. rogers with his reminder that when you see scary things in the news, look for the helpers. you will always find people who are helping. and bostonians also were opening their hearts and homes to anyone stranded by the tragedy. google has created two online documents where people can reach out if they need a place to stay or have one to offer. it's good to see some good in all of this. it's 8:09. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> natalie, thank you so much. as we take a look on our satellite and radar, you can see we've got a pretty good line of showers and thunderstorms stretching from new england all the way into the midwest. snow back through the northern rockies. we'll see six to nine inches of snow back through parts of wyoming, risk of strong storms from oklahoma all the way into i had high, look for wet weather moving into the northeast and later today windy, breezy and we're looking at high surf >> good morning. it will be a little bit warmer than yesterday. today we will be in the upper 60's and the low 70's
their children on television and made them a part of this scheme, which included lying to the public, that would be child abuse as well. wouldn't it? >> you know, that is for social services to determine. putting their kids on tv, there's certainly plenty of worst cases of child abuse that i can talk about within three seconds. but i'm not concerned about anything other than how law enforcement is going to or not going to follow the law of the state of colorado and constitution of the united states. to me, when you have people willing to turn themselves in, you don't go out and arrest them in front of their kids. >> point well-taken. david lane, the attorney for richard heene, mr. lane, i appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> not the last we're going to hear about that. >>> now let's get a check of the other top stories of the morning with natalie morales in for me at the news desk. >>> good morning. today new key talks get under way on iran's nuclear program. the talks are a follow-up to the meeting with the u.s., iran and five other nations earlier this month. meant
on tv, "all my children" has come to an end. friday's episode was the last. does this mean we will never hear from erica again? we'll get the details. >> i think we saw the gun rising. >>> we begin with jury deliberations in an explosive murder trial in florida where a millionaire developer is accused of killing his wife. we have more on bombshell allegations and tearful testimony. >> reporter: two years ago, bob ward dialed 911 and said he shot his wife. in fact, he repeated it five times. that call is now key evidence in this trial for second degree murder. >> i killed my wife. >> you just what? >> i just shot my wife. >> where is your wife? >> she's right here on the floor. >> reporter: prosecutors claim ward's 911 call shows clear admission of his guilt. >> this defendant five separate times says the words, i just shot my wife. >> but ward's attorney tells jurors the shooting was nothing more than a tragic evidence. >> there has been no evidence presented in this case to dispute the fact that this was an accidental shooting during a struggle for the gun. >> from the beginning, the de
at sandy hook elementary actually happened, and with the news and images all over the television, your children may be feeling worried or scared or insecure. >> as they try to get back to school, how can parents make their kids feel safe, and how can parents themselves not worry every single time their child heads off to the mall or to the movies? >> jennifer hartstein is an child and adolescent psychologist, and author of "sanity savers, tips for women to live a balanced life." >> hi, ladies. >> good morning. >> some parents, again -- i know this just from friends of mine too, were trying to shield their children. >> out of love. >> they sent them to school today where the topic may or may not come up. >> likely the topic will come up if not even in the classroom with the teacher, but come up with other children. >> i can't see how it wouldn't. >> i think that it's very important for parents to listen when those kids come home, find out what they know, and address this issue, but, first, to calm themselves because the parent has to be really calm and present the information, minimal i
could sit and shamelessly lie to our children again on national tv about the events surrounding this current motion. >> what do you think she was lying about? >> virtually everything. >> there was a moment when she cries. >> crocodile tears. >> why do you say that? >> because she's not been bullied and harassed by me. ever since the separation she has been on a campaign to smear me. there is no peter cook press machine. i have no interest in the press. i'm not a celebrity. you don't hear about peter cook until christie brinkley dredges something up from the past to make herself relevant in the media again. >> you know, you and i know we have mixed emotions about this. >> mm-hmm. >> we're still talking about it three days later. we're part of the problem because we're still talking about it when the best thing to do would be for the two of them to be quiet. be decent to one another and protect their children. he was doing yesterday what he said he shouldn't be doing. don't watch. don't listen. don't surround yourself with friends who feel like they need to tell you what they saw.
. for generations of adults and children who watched his tv shows, roy rogers was truly the king of the cowboys and a great american icon. they called him the king of the cowboys. and he knew how to make an entrance. ♪ along with his beloved palomino horse trigger, roy rogers endaerd audiences with his charm. >> you know you're kinda cute. >> his charisma. >> hold the stage coach here. the rest of you men follow know. ♪ let me wide through the open wide country i love ♪ >> reporter: and his singing. ♪ don't against me in >> reporter: the son of a shoemaker went from humble beginnings to become a box office smash in hollywood, making over 100 films from the 1930s through the 1950s. and staring in his own television show. >> staring roy rogers, king of the cowboys. >> reporter: the roy rogers show inspired audiences to be like roy, a forthright cowboy who valued honesty, decency and humility. >> they must be taking pat to the middletown jail. >> reporter: with his wife, singer/actress dale evans, his horse trigger and beloved dog bullet. roy rogers showed america what it was to be a hero,
for children to watch. >> people believe network television should be cleaner than cable and they make choices in that regard. >> reporter: but the networks including nbc say those assumptions about broadcasting's unique reach are no longer true with such an explosion of other choices. they say treating them differently violates their rights of free expression. >> the time has come to treat broadcast tv on an equal footing with the rest of media. the same first amendment rights out to apply. >> reporter: some members of the supreme court seem sympathetic, the networks can't tell what's indecent and what isn't. ruth bader ginsburg noted the fcc allowed the broadcasts of "saving private ryan" and "schindler's list," both which include nudity and profanity. judging from tuesday's argument here the court doesn't seem likely to stop the fcc's policing of broadcasters, but it may require clearer rules from now on about what's allowed into the home. natalie? >> pete, are you wearing pants? >> reporter: two pair! >> i was going to ask you, pete. >> he hn't hasn't answered. >> up next, how do you trans
transformed elmo from a niner "sesame street" character to a superstar of children's television and a major money-maker, but this morning he's facing at least one lawsuit and lawyers for an alleged victim have contacted criminal authorities. for 28 years kevin clash was the voice and heart of "sesame street's" iconic elmo, but on tuesday he resigned saying in a statement personal matters have diverted attention away from the important work "sesame street" is doing, and can i not allow it to go on any longer. and this morning clash is a defendant in a $5 million lawsuit that charges he trolled gay telephone chat line rooms to meet and have sex with underage boys. 24-year-old cecil singleton claims his sexual relationship with clash began nearly a decade ago when he was 15 and clash 43. >> in retrospect, it has occurred to me as an adult how truly inappropriate my relationship with kevin was. >> reporter: he says he was motivated to come forward after a 24-year-old made a similar allegation last week, though he later recanted. >> since i found out that there were other people or victims in a
, especially on television. a lot of people have children watching television. it seems more and more these days you're hearing some of the words you never would have heard in years past. for example, when you get jabbed in the eye with an umbrella. >> yeah. >> how do you deal with this when your kids are watching? what do you tell them and what should people programming television do about it? >> you showed self-restraint. >> and you have a relationship with your pediatrician and it's gone for a while. >> it's important. >> it is. what if after a while it's not working and you have to break up with your pediatrician? we'll tell you what you need to do and how to go about it. >> it's hard, especially if you have the pediatrician's name tattooed on you somewhere. >> don't bring it up again. that joke was terrible. >> i keep trying. natalie standing by with a check of the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. newt gingrich is campaigning in florida ahead of tonight's republican debate. backed by a surge of momentum from saturday's south carolina primary victory. gingrich appealed on twi
monitor our reaction to it. this is the real world. children read the newspaper and watch tv. >> sometimes all a kid needs is to see a headline of a school shooting and obviously be terrified. >> right. it's important to reinforce they are safe. yes, things can happen, but we are safe. i'm going to take care of you. >> it's one thing for a child in a lovely neighborhood and lots of security. how does somebody battling all that's around them in an urban development area, where you hear gunfire -- it's dangerous to get to school. it's a different kind of parenting isn't it? >> very much different parenting. it puts that much more on parents to keep the child's world small and safe and keep the news out as much as possible. >> tell the difference between a normal kind of stress that's okay -- sometimes you're not aware your child is creeping into something serious. >> if they're taking a test, it's normal to be worried. it's normal to be shy or feel anxious. if they're coming to your bed, vomiting, can't sleep because they're worried or stressing out. this is crossing the line. >> maybe there
on to the show. it became instantly a hit with children. they would turn on tv and watch him. the parents would watch, too, and the rest is history. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >>> crazy colors and throw in stripes. why not? >> breaking fashion rules tastefully. right after this. >>> let's take a look at your forecast for the next seven days, starting with later on today looking at more showers to move across the southeast. some areas could use that rain, all the way up into the mid-atlantic and the northeast. big-time airport delays. back to the pacific northwest, more mountain snow coming down around 3,000 feet later in the day. and look at the temperatures. houston, back to 80 degrees. 37 in the twin cities. 48 in seattle. let's move into your thursday. still watching our western storm dominate the weather here. more mountain snow and valley rain drying out in the southwest for the time being. that will change. look at the east coast, up and down the eastern seaboard. more scattered rain showers. and we've got some snow showers coming in, as well. it is cooler across the great la
. >> but more and more we're living in a world where we're letting television raise our children or video games raise our children, technology. we have become a post human society. we're more comfortable with machines than human beings. is that part of the problem? kids see so much aggressiveness in the media? i certainly had as a child growing up. could that be part of what is going on here? >> i think what we're really talking about here is the aggression that kids see with their parents and their interaction with parents. and then that leading to aggressive behavior in the future. >> one of you said that you didn't think that time-outs work either. so what do you do with a small child? >> like don't he'd the tide. >> this is where families dismiss. they see the other academics who don't get what it's like in the trenches with the kids. and they dismiss it. people don't interpret what happened to them as abuse. so when people are say this is abuse, they tune it out. the reality is that no one spends a lot of time work with a kid say can you reason or negotiate. >> it's impossible. >> what sho
children move back, shut off the tv. they actually need to be outside playing, getting exercise. pediatrics recommends only two hours of sle hours a day. >> don't go swimming after eating. >> parents think you might get muscle cramps and drown. there is no medical evidence. >> hilarious where the things come from. >> thanks so much. >>> up next, a priceless work of art at the center of an international manhunt. and later, double duty dinners that save you time and money. well, are you going to pick it or not? it's not ready yet. (announcer) tim and richard smucker grew up learning that you have to pick fruit at the peak of perfection if you want jam to taste extra delicious. it's getting close. (announcer) for five generations, with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. activia has delicious news for dessert lovers. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there's something new. introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry
winning children's tv show bill nye the science guy. the show ran for 5 years, won 18 emmy awards and introduced kids to subjects like magnetism, electricity. >> it's building up in my rocker wig of science. >> reporter: and energy. >> a lot of it comes from the heat released by burning coal. >> the idea of the show was to get kids into science. i took my heart and soul into it. it took a lot out of me but it was worth it. >> reporter: it was filmed in a warehouse in seattle with the blue lab coat and signature bow tie. >> here are the bow ties. they don't wear up. >> reporter: a fashion trend that began for him way back in high school but don't let his friendly appearance fool you. >> the warm is getting warmer. it's continually getting warmer. >> reporter: bill nye has become a fire brand for science, an advocate regularly speaking out about topics like evolution and science change. >> that's science. that's facts. you can't close your eyes and make them not true. >> we still have this culture or this tradition where people don't accept science. and that is not in anybody's best
. >> this is sam. >> reporter: but henson's success was cemented when a broadcast by the children's television network came looking for his muppets to liven up the show. >> all we did was screw around with each other and have fun. >> reporter: frank was just 19 when he became one of henson's first hires for his young company muppets, inc. their friendship lasted three decades and gave us the most iconic duos in history. >> there's a great relationship. bert and ernie and miss piggy and kermit the frog. is there some of your relationship in there. >> you hit it right on the nail. people can't grab the characters and perform them. it's not just the characters. it was us. jim was easy going. me i was always fighting up the river and this was bert and earn ernie. >> reporter: with the success of sesame street came another project. >> the muppet show was sophisticated human that didn't mind being silly. >> jim was annoyed as i was when people thought the characters were cute. hated that. >> reporter: he sums it up in two works. >> anarchy. >> reporter: with a series of successful films henson alway
. >>> and then, should you as a parent be limiting the time your children spend online, watching tv and using their cell phones? coming up, the takeaway for parents from a new survey that found u.s. children spend -- it's almost eight hours a day -- doing those things, which is just unbelievable. >> crazy. >>> but let's begin with what could be the first pictures of tiger woods since that infamous accident over the thanksgiving weekend at a center that treats sex addicts. nbc's ron mott is in hattiesburg, mississippi, with the very latest. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, meredith, good morning. one of the planet's best-kept secrets, where in the world is tiger woods, might have been revealed. somehow, woods has managed to stay out of the public view ever since wrecking his suv thanksgiving weekend, but now it seems the paparazzi and its cameras may have caught up to him. bundled up in a hoodie with a cup in hand, a person who appears to be tiger woods walks the grounds of a respected sex addiction treatment center, the first purported sighting of the golf great captured on camera
! search. some of her television children showed up to tape rose anne's comedy center roast. also roseann won presidential nomination of peace and freedom party in los angeles. a few months ago we brought you the group walk off the earth gottier. elen degeneres joked it's a good thing one band wasn't playing one guitar. another band accepted the challenge. take a look. ♪ >> that is new jersey band, the waffle stompers giving the ukelele a try. >>> start off, talking luanda few scattered showers today, tomorrow mostly cloudy afternoon showers. wednesday partly cloudy. a pattern developed here. at home wet weather through southern florida. rain making its way off the northeastern atlantic coast. showers will extend down into the south as a weak cold front kind of stalls out down there. we are looking at showers and thunderstorms through the gulf coast, southeast and tennessee river valley. sunshine through the upper great lakes. the heat continues in the pacific northwest with temperatures mid to upper 80s. a beautiful day in l.a. today, >> good morning. a few scattered light rain showers
extra. so every bite can be uncommonly good. today" television's influence on your children. the average preschool kid watches more than 90 minutes of television a day and according to a new study it's not only how much but what they're watching that can havage impact on their attention spans. dr. roge is a medical editor for "health" magazine and robin silverman is a health specialist. good morning to both of you. before we turn to you, robin, with good tips, doctor, this study was in in "the journal of pediatrics" and said fast-paced programming can affect executive functioning. translate for us. >> all right. so executive function is a collection of skills that really govern how we behave and acts involving working memory, delayed gratification, problem solving. all the things we need to function well and in this study they looked at 60 4-year-olds and broke them into three groups. one was watching quote/unquote fast-paced television and second was slower paced -- >> what did they find. >> after nine minutes of one of these activities it was decreased in the fast-paced but not affecte
of the challenger disaster 25 years ago today. millions of americans including school children were watching on live television as the shuttle exploded 73 seconds after lift-off. the seven-member crew included christa mcauliffe the first school teacher astronaut. in another sign that american automakers are bouncing back, this morning ford reported the largest profit in more than a decade. $6.6 billion. in 2010 ford was the top-selling brand in the nation. and it looks like evolution is skipping a few steps right before our eyes. this is the gorilla we can't get enough of. is simian who walks like a man. our cameras caught him going for a stroll at a wildlife park in england. if he starts talking it might be time to rewrite the biology textbook. he's checking out the view. >> look at him. it's comfortable. >> hey, what's going on here? >> do you ever go to the zoo and the gorillas are looking at you and you think, that's a man in a gorilla suit. >> that would explain a lot. you see a lot of men who look like gorillas. >> that's true. we have been accused, we men. >> i think they act like gorillas. >
mom. >>> back across. >> this lovely gentleman is from australia. carol brady is one of tv's best known mothers. name her six children. >> greg -- i do know them. >> you've got a kathie lee cd in your future. >> just go to the cd. >> there you go. >> all righty. greg, peter bobby, marsha, jan, cindy. >> i love it. >> hello. >> i can just see the -- i also feel like she deserves special points, because she took in cousin olive. >> and alice, who just had the birthday. did you watch "the brady bunch"? >> every day. >> back across. >>> which actress won an oscar for playing mom leigh anne tuohy in "the blind side"? >> sandra bullock. >> party across the street. >> she was great in that movie. >> and won the oscar. interestingly julia roberts was offered the role, but she actually turned it down. >> wow. >> oops. >>> back across to kath. >> name the tv mom whose voice this belongs to. >> it's not your fault, grandpa. they're too slippery, see? >> marge. >> marge what? >> simpson. >> oh, all right. >> marge simpson. who does that voice do you know? >> julie kavner. >> marge is based on
is known as the queen of daytime television for her long runner role as erica cane on "all my children". >> and now on investigation discovery series called "deadly affairs". >> with hard work a happy marriage is as easy as pulling a rabbit out of a hat or something even better. >> diamonds. and la lucci as regis used to call you is here today. >> you look beautiful. >> we are sick of it. you get more gorgeous every time you are here. we are over it. >> good to see you. >> good to be here. >> everything he touches turns to gold. the man is amazing. >> when he brought this piece to me i was taken by how smart it was and how funny it was presented. i have to meet this man. it is ingenious because i'm hosting but i'm hosting as a character. it is a whole different thing. i narrate these crimes of passion. i host it in the voice of the character, too. it is a little different take. you can see in this particular episode. >> what happens? >> you have to see them. even when i do the narration at the studio the man learning it is -- >> i love it. so i'm this character but i do other things. i
on that. >> they have three or four children? >> four, three biological. >> if it seems like tv is getting raunchier that see's bee it is. curse words are on the rise in television shows catching the attention of parents. what should you tell your kids if they copy the language they hear on television and at home. pop culture in general, music, movies, et cetera. >> the whole society. we begin this half hour with a tropical getaway for a family from texas that turned into a fight for survival when their sight-seeing plane crashed into the ocean. we'll talk to a survivor coming up. first, their harrowing story. >> the texas couple was flying with their 4-year-old son when the plane crashed. miraculously, kind strangers were in the right place at the right time to pull off an amazing rescue. a plane ride through paradise for the atkins family. they were hoping to enjoy the sights along the coast of roatan in the caribbean off honduras. andy atkins had flown in the same plane just months before. >> it was an awesome, fun ride. great views, great pictures. a low flying plane that felt very sta
] roc® we keep our promises. >>> a new book on how to raise successful children has a lot of people talking especially parents. it's called "battle hymn of the tiger mother." she introduces us to somewhat extreme parents methods, like no play dates, no sleepovers, no tv. she claims that it breeds highly successful children. everybody's very interested in this topic. just to reiterate, the philosophy behind your parenting? >> well, it's really driven by a belief that your children are capable of more than they think they are. so i think at its very best, i know jokes about as aside, i actually don't think that the chinese parenting model is about achievement. i think it's about helping your children to be the best they can be, which is usually better than they think. the way i experienced with my parents, you know being strict, having high expectations, they were saying to me i believe in you so much that i know you're going to be excellent and i'm going to be in the there in the trenches with you and i'm not going to let you give up. >> you took your dad to an awards assembly where
'd be in a wheelchair the rest of his life. then he saw a face he had not seen for 30 years on television saving children in haiti. >> that's big dan. >> reporter: the blues musician had become a world class orthopedic surgeon. maybe his old pal could get him walking again. mike isn't totally paralyzed. but those eight bullets dusted bone shrapnel all over his nerve endings is it the worst pain ever? >> needles, man. all day long every day. >> push! >> reporter: the man who went one on one with the best in the nba now battles his own inability. >> when i see mike i feel it, every step when the pain is going through his legs. >> reporter: mike's life is one long dental appointment without novocain. >> almost there, man. >> reporter: a series of operations should ease the agony, but dan is trying for something more. the two playing basketball again. >> there's some old scores we've got to settle, you know. >> reporter: long odds, but -- >> friendship is a powerful medicinal force. >> reporter: when teamed with cutting edge science. dan called berkeley bionics, a country developing electronic legs.
to this and it shows. >> saddest tv farewell. one of ours, meredith vieira. also regis, steve carell left "the office," all my children and one life to live and oprah. >> soap opera fans lost two shows and they are upset. their loyalty put soap opera farewells at the top. one life to live one and then all my children. the shows have been around more than 40 years. this was not just tv. they were like family to fans i.'s hard to believe in the age of dvr, but years ago lunch schedules, college schedules, work schedules revolved around the show. many stars started on these shows. kelly ripa, kyle chandler. this is a launching pad for a lot of celebrities. >> a lot of folks feel like it's the passing of an era. >> it is. fans were hopeful. there was talk that all my children, one life to live may continue on the internet, but it fell through. it's a genre that's gone. >> we have saved the best for last. final category, man you would trade your husband for. >> we love our husbands. but we love this category. >> matt damon, ryan gosling, ryan reynolds, robert pattinson, jason momoa and jason segel. what w
employable dancers, so to have my children dancing on national television, that's, what more could you ask for? she gets to do a solo, they get to do a solo for two minutes of what i or my staff created on national television. that's amazing, even the best dancers on broadway don't get to do what they want to do or a solo on national tv. >> right. >> week after week. >> the girls, the children don't get to sort of weigh in or do they as to whether or not they get to be a part of this thing on television? i'm wondering when you're 25 and 35 or my age or really old woman you may say oh, man, i wish i wasn't on tape on video out there. what do you think? are you concerned about that for your girls at all? >> absolutely not. they look beautiful on tv and they're showing their talent and abby has given them a lot more than just that. they have interview skills and a lot of things. >> these aren't the only girls on the show. there's mia, paige and brooke as well, and they're getting to do something with their best friends and we all have a very open dialogue with our girls and we talk to them an
they were at a hotel in santa monica. at this moment on live television i don't know where my children are, but i am not panicking. this is not about emotion or o ego. this is about focus and getting in touch with what i have to do to complete the task of bringing these two beautiful young men back to the home that they deserve to be raised in. there is more love, compassion, support, child care and everything else you could possibly want for a child in this lovely home. it's not a house. it's a home right down that hill. >> reporter: according to tmz brooke went to court yesterday and told the judge you threatened her recently and that's why she filed the court order. she said you told her, i will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom. >> colorful. >> reporter: did you say it? >> no. but you can formulate things and make them sound like it came from my mouth. >> reporter: a lot of people watched the video from "today" yesterday. when we were in the house with the goddesses and said, you know, maybe two young boys shouldn't be raised in this environment. you know, wi
can affect your children. when you watch classic tv shows do you relate to the cosby clan or the gang from "everybody loves raymond." there is a new study that uses these examples to show you family interactions can impact your children, how they do in school and life. sharon jason wrote about the story for usa today and we have an educational psychologist. it was a study covering 234 families looking at how 6-year-olds do. what specifically were they looking for? >> what they were looking for is to see how the children's social, emotional and behavior in school would affect their later life. what happened is they wanted to make sure that academic success is definitely something that is proven better if they start out and adjust well early. >> so we looked at -- and they found -- three family types. they couldn't find more than that, right? >> no. they looked for others but they confirmed what psychologists have long known. >> for example, there is the enmeshed family. first of all, describe the enmeshed family. >> the enmeshed family is like the "everybody loves raymond." there is a
. the defense attorney said his client regrets sending the tape to a national tv outlet. >> she has six children. there are times you want help and you see something on tv and say if you are having trouble with your kids, write to us. i think that was the original intention. >> reporter: the case is also making headlines in russia because the 7-year-old boy was adopted from that country along with his twin brother when they were both 5. russian adoptions came under scrutiny in april when a mother sent her adopted son to russia alone with a note saying she no longer wanted him. since then adoptions from russia to the u.s. have been halted with russia demanding more oversight. >> i spent two and a half hours at the russian consulate. >> reporter: the director of russian adoptions in alaska said none of the children have been removed from the home. neither the russian consulate nor dr. phil's show would comment. if convicted she could face up to a year in jail. the anchorage mom may now learn her own lesson about crime and punishment. for "today," kristen welker, nbc news, los angeles. >> dr. janet
reason to believe that the actual shot is better for adults and the nasal mist is best for children over the age of 5. on a lighter note, there is big controversy with a new tv reality show "toddlers in tiaras," a reality show about having the show dropped. are these children really be exploited in more of these questions and answers with natalie later on "today." now back to you, matt. >> well thank you, isabella. that was really good. >> thank you. >> do you feel comfortable doing that? >> yeah. >> why do you want to be "today's kid reporter?" >> well, i think it's businessically just being in front of the cameras. ever since i was little i loved being up on stage. i think when i get older i think maybe i'll go into the tv business or in journalism. >> you're going to have to work hard. why did you want to report about swine flu? >> well, actually, i think the day before i had done the video i had got my flu vaccination and the year before i had got the nasal mist so i kind of wanted to compare on that. >> all right. very good. now let's take a look at our next submission video. this i
. i'm scaring small children right now. people are running from your sets screaming. >> the tv adds 10 to 15 pounds. we'll put that out there. >> we've got four cameras. you do the math. >> add that up. >> i actually only weigh 110 pounds. >> i like -- you've really grown on me. >> like a fungus. >> i hated you before. >> you're n so bad. >> all right. there's this great show on nbc coming up tonight called hollywood game night. we love this. and the reason i love it is because i've been on it. i'm on it tonight. check it out. >> animal house. drinking, bar. the hangover. >> hangover. >> come on up here, sweetie. >> hangover is correct. airplane. >> that is correct. airplane is correct. come on up, al roker. >> home alone. >> we want to replicate the game in the studio. game is charades with a television and film. natalie, you're paired with robert from chicago. >> okay. >> you ready? >> jeanine from delaware. >> you both get 30 seconds. natalie, you're first. >> natalie? ready, set, go. >> the grinch. bewitched. >> can i pass? >> okay. superman. >> next. >> that's so hard. again with
on reality television? >> you say, i don't believe in parenting other people's children. pause. but they should be aware of the serious repercussions that sudden stardom brings. >> in quotes. hoda says, yes, be careful, there is a little difference between tv time and overexposure. we should know because we overexpose ourselves on a daily basis. >>> a little sip of this. >> today we have a spa-tini. a drink from a restaurant in newport beach, california. vodka, lime juice, champagne, mint, cucumber just to be healthy. and putting us in the mood for channing tatum. >> we hear he's got something happening right now. maybe not. we'll get down to the bare essentials. >> oh, yeah! >> see how happy he is? look how happy he is. >> another reason to love him. we'll be right back. >>> channing tatum is on fire! >> yes, he is. >> his last two films "the vow" and "21 jump street," both were box office gold and he's hoping that magic continues with "magic mike." >> will film inspired by his days as a stripper. and it also stars matthew mcconaughey. it's about taking their dreams to the bri
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